How to Make Money with Toloka in Nigeria

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How to Make Money with Toloka in Nigeria

There are numerous ways to make money online. I have made money with Toloka in Nigeria. Are you also looking for a way to earn with Toloka? I’ve written this article to guide you. 

Earn with Toloka in Nigeria

What Is Toloka

Individuals receive simple tasks on the Toloka platform. These tasks usually require data labelling (text, images, video, or audio). For example, you may be asked to verify information online or transcribe an audio recording

Companies feed these data to machine-learning models for improving search algorithms or training artificial intelligence systems. The individual then receives a payment according to the task’s difficulty or volume.

What Kind of Tasks Are on Toloka

Toloka features a diverse range of tasks. Individuals can work on any task they like. Also, these tasks are usually simple and do not require special training. The most common tasks include the following:

      • Outline objects in an image
      • Search for information
      • Take photos
      • Rate search results
      • Moderate content
      • Transcribe audio
      • Categorize content
      • Compare images
      • Take surveys
      • Record voice
      • Check chatbot answers
      • Verify locations

    Also, Toloka has been advertising their AI Tutor position recently. You’d be writing a lot, but the pay is good. So you can check it out if you enjoy writing.

    Is Toloka Legit in Nigeria

    Is Toloka legit in Nigeria? Toloka is a crowdsourcing platform founded in 2014. Since then, the platform has paid millions of task performers (Tolokers). So it’s as real as it gets. Companies create tasks on the Toloka platform and set the rewards for them. Tolokers complete these tasks and make money for their work. But it’s important to complete these tasks correctly.

    Toloka will pay you but don’t expect to buy a car or fund your vacation with the proceeds.

    Is Toloka Available In Nigeria

    Does Toloka work in Africa? Is Toloka available in Nigeria? Yes, you can use Toloka in Nigeria and other African countries, including:

        • Nigeria
        • Kenya
        • South Africa
        • Ghana
        • Cote d’Ivoire

      The Benefits of Toloka

      Working on Toloka has the following appeals:

          • Toloka is open to anyone. Individuals do not require special skills to complete assigned tasks.
          • You can pick the tasks you like and complete them in your free time.
          • Cash out your earnings at any time. 
          • The tasks help you to develop your skills and unlock rewards. 

        Who Can Use Toloka in Nigeria

        Toloka pays you to complete simple data labelling tasks at your convenience. Such flexible arrangements can favor individuals who have time and are looking for extra income. These individuals may consider joining Toloka:

            • Freelancers
            • Students
            • Remote workers
            • Supplemental income seekers

          How to Use Toloka in Nigeria

          Starting on Toloka is straightforward. Follow these 5 simple steps to start making money on the platform:

              1. Register for free!
              2. Complete a quick training to learn how to perform the assigned task.
              3. Pick the task you want to do on your computer or mobile app. 
              4. Read and understand the instructions, then complete the assignment.
              5. Withdraw your earnings from the Toloka account through your chosen payment method. 

            After creating an account, you can access Toloka on your Android or iPhone. However, some people prefer to access the platform via the web version on their PC.  

            How to Withdraw Money from Toloka in Nigeria

            Have you asked, “How can I withdraw money from Toloka in Nigeria?” Withdrawing on Toloka is straightforward. 

            After creating an account and completing tasks, you can access your earnings on your Toloka profile. Tolokers can choose their favorite payment platform, depending on their country of residence. Toloka supports these payment platforms:

                • PayPal
                • Payoneer
                • Papara
                • QIWI

              I suggest you register and link your Payoneer account if you’re joining Toloka from Nigeria. 

              Your withdrawal will be reflected in your account after a few hours. Occasionally, it may take longer for your transaction to reflect. You can check your transaction status in the history tab.

              Every platform has a minimum withdrawal amount. You can withdraw just $0.02 from PayPal, but the minimum on Payoneer is $20. You can get more information about withdrawals on their website. 


              Toloka in Nigeria is an easy way to make quick money online. I write about other money-making tips on my blog. Did you enjoy this content? Remember to share it with your family and friends.


              Your reward on Toloka will depend on the complexity of the tasks you handle, your skill level, and the availability of tasks. However, you can make over $100 extra cash monthly with Toloka in Nigeria.

              Yes. You can start by registering your account. Then, complete the first training tasks to start earning money online.

              There are no fixed hours or minimum time that you can spend on Toloka. You can perform tasks for as much or as little as 30 minutes daily. You get paid for doing tasks.

              Sure, you can download a Toloka app (Android or iPhone) to earn extra cash on the go. However, completing some tasks on a larger desktop or laptop screen is more convenient.

              No. You don’t pay anything for registering or doing tasks on the platform. 

              The availability of tasks depends on your region and skills. When you complete all the tasks available, return later for new ones. You can get more tasks and earn more extra money in Toloka by:


              • Completing training tasks and exams so you can access new projects
              • Concentrating while performing tasks online

              No. You don’t need any formal education. However, it’s necessary to read the instructions carefully, complete training tasks and grow skills.

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