16 Obvious Signs You’re a Writer

There's love in sharing.

16 Obvious Signs You’re a Writer

There’s fulfillment in pursuing your calling. Yet, not everyone can experience this fairytale. So maybe you have a sales job that pays the bills, or you became a doctor to fulfill your parent’s wishes. But here’s a list of obvious signs that you should be a writer (originally).

Obvious signs you're a writer

1. You Love Writing

Writers keep a diary for jotting their thoughts and ideas. Of course, journaling in some households is an obvious risk. There’s the ever-present likelihood that a sibling or parent will discover your most cherished secret someday. Despite this danger, you wrote down your regrets, strange thoughts, happy memories, and nagging insecurities. 

Well, congratulations, you’re a writer!

2. You’re a Wordsmith 

Your abilities didn’t come overnight; you read dictionaries for the meaning, pronunciation, context, and perhaps origin of words. Do you still think you’re normal?

3. You Love Reading

Is reading your hobby or pastime? You likely keep a library of physical or digital books. In addition, you bookmark many unknown blogs or websites to read them later. Is that you, writer?

4. You’re a Storyteller

Because writers have to arrange their thoughts meaningfully, they’re fantastic storytellers. More than this, some writers can create stories from almost mundane events. It appears they are about their day, looking for a good story.

5. You’re an Introvert

Writing is predominantly introvert-dominated. Introverts can better manage the introspection and isolation that writing demands.  

6. It’s a Childhood Passion

Yes, you’ve been a tad crazy since birth. 

7. You Prefer Text to Speech

Do you wonder why people call when they can message you? 

8. You Have a Pile of Blank Notes

Writers are expert procrastinators. At home, you’ve labeled all these notes to segment your thoughts. But you don’t think, so there’s nothing on the blank notes. Still, you’re mad when someone finds a use for your notes. You piece of sh*t. 

9. Friends and Relatives Ask You to Write for Them

One time I worked for a hotel reservation agency. My colleagues and I phoned hotels and customers to confirm their reservations during the day. But we wrote customer reviews for our website towards the close of work.

I didn’t realize how awkward I was on phone calls until I had the job. But I excelled at writing reviews. In contrast, my colleagues were better at phone conversations but needed writing help since their reviews didn’t read so well and sounded the same. 

Also, I regularly wrote or reviewed essays, cover letters, emails, and posts for friends and relatives. If you frequently get these requests, why not turn acquaintances into patrons?

10. You’re a Grammar-Nazi

So you can’t stand a miskate, eh?

11. A Blank Page Doesn’t Scare You

You’ve been there, done that. Congratulations, comrade. 🫡

12. You Recommend Writing to Others

You’ve recommended the practice of writing to others. Also, you‘ve suggested content platforms like Quora to friends who enjoy reading.

13. You Recognize and Appreciate Beautifully Woven Sentences

Weaving words together is no different from painting. Most paintings suck, but there are some beautiful ones. And so it goes for written pieces. Writers have a knack for knowing well-written pieces.   

14. You Listen to Song Lyrics

For you, a song is only as good as its lyrics.

15. You Imagine How to Say Things Better

Writers judge the quality of their sentences. So it’s common to visit your old writings and find ways to improve them. 

16. You’d Be Happy to Live Off Writing

Monetizing creative work takes a lot of work. So writers feel some accomplishment to be able to live off their writing. 


With this list, I don’t intend to isolate anyone from the practice of writing. Instead, I’m happy to rekindle your interest in this highly beneficial art form. Check out my blog for other articles like this one. Bye for now. 

There's love in sharing.

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