20 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

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20 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing in Nigeria or you’re a veteran marketer, there are some poor practices that you must avoid. These mistakes can cause you to lose money and customers’ trust. 

So here are 20 affiliate marketing mistakes that you must avoid in 2023.

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#1 Choosing the Wrong Products or Niche

It’s easier to promote products or services that interest you. It’s hard to convince people to buy something you don’t like. If you won’t buy a particular product, there’s a good chance your audience won’t either. So only recommend products that you’d be happy to buy. Also, you should ensure that a market is willing to buy your offer. 

You can avoid promoting the wrong product by listening to your needs and doing market research. 

#2 Promoting Too Many Products

It’s a mistake to promote too many products. Instead, you’re better off sticking to 1 or 2 complementary products. Promoting too many products will lower the quality of your promotions. Also, customers may doubt your expertise when you promote too many products. 

You’re not diversifying your income by promoting several products at once. Instead, you may be sowing customer distrust and hurting your sales. 

#3 Not Researching Products

Doing thorough research can enhance the success of your marketing. Understanding your audience and identifying potential products they may want is critical. Afterward, you can complete these steps when researching:

  • Check product reviews and ratings
  • Research the vendor or brand
  • Examine the product’s features and benefits
  • Analyze the market and competition
  • Check the terms and conditions for affiliates
  • Test the product (if possible)
  • Research the product’s trend and Longevity
  • Ask for feedback from your audience
  • Contact the vendor or support (if you have questions)

#4 Ignoring Audience Needs

Successful affiliate marketers in Nigeria are those that solve the pain points of their audience. So, it’s a mistake to ignore the needs and preferences of your audience. Is there a solution your audience wants? Seize the opportunity to build strong connections by addressing their most critical pain.  

#5 Not Disclosing Affiliate Relationships

Your audience should know that you earn commissions off each sale. Otherwise, they’ll feel cheated and be reluctant to buy from you again.

#6 Overhyping Products

Exaggerating a product’s benefit will only lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of trust. It’s better to make balanced recommendations by highlighting the benefits and limitations of your product.

#7 Ignoring SEO

If you own a website, use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive organic traffic to your affiliate content. SEO will improve your online visibility and make it easier for potential customers to buy your products using your affiliate link. 

#8 Neglecting Mobile Optimization

Most people now surf the web on their mobile devices. Is your website mobile-friendly? Neglecting mobile optimization can cause you to lose some of your audience. Consider paying a website design professional to implement a mobile-responsive site. 

#9 Not Tracking Performance

Tracking your marketing efforts helps to reveal insights for making better decisions. For example, your marketing data can reveal what products you should promote and how best to promote them. These are some important metrics you can track:

  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue
  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Refund and chargeback rates (High return and chargeback rates indicate customer dissatisfaction with the product)
  • Geographic insights
  • Traffic sources
  • Top-performing content

#10 Joining the Wrong Affiliate Program

Partnering with low-quality affiliate programs can harm your reputation and earnings. It’s important to choose programs that offer quality products and fair compensation. Expertnaire is the most renowned affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria. There are several affiliate marketing networks in Nigeria. Check out my older post on the best affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria

#11 Ignoring Content Quality

Affiliate marketers promote their products mainly through content (texts, images, and videos). As a result, poorly written or low-value content will impact your authority and conversions negatively. Are you creating high-quality content? Remember, quality content is:

  • Relevant to your audience
  • Original
  • Accurate and credible
  • Clear
  • Engaging and compelling
  • Value-driven

Would you like to craft better content? Check out my article on 12 Writing Tips from ChatGPT.

#12 Focusing Only on Short-Term Gains

If you’re in business for the long run, you must prioritize relationship building and value creation. The benefits you’d derive from affiliate marketing can compound over time when more people know and trust your brand. But you lose these benefits when you recommend low-quality products or engage in unethical marketing practices.  

#13 Ignoring Email Marketing

Email marketing helps nurture relationships and promote products. This marketing channel is effective and inexpensive. You miss out on some sales and repeat business when you ignore this marketing channel.

#14 Blindly Copying Competitors

Why should customers buy from you when they can buy from a competitor? New affiliates make the mistake of copying trendy products and content strategies. But you won’t stand out by mindlessly following market trends. Instead, it’s better you understand and amplify your unique value. 

#15 Neglecting Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms allow you to engage with your audience directly. So, use these platforms to build a loyal following and drive traffic to your affiliate content.

#16 Not Building Your Brand

Do you have a recognizable brand in your chosen niche that others trust? Failure to build your brand will limit your reach and uniqueness. 

#17 Failing to Understand the Products You’re Selling

Your promotions can seem insincere when you lack product knowledge. In contrast, knowing your product’s benefits and drawbacks means you can give your audience accurate information that helps them buy. Spend some time to become familiar with your product. 

#18 Relying Only on Organic Traffic

Relying solely on organic traffic will limit your results and reach. You should diversify your traffic sources to include paid advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing. Expanding your traffic source this way can lead to better results. 

#19 Doubting Your Abilities

You won’t see overnight results if you’re starting out as an affiliate marketer. Sometimes, it may take a while to record your first sale. Don’t allow self-doubt to slow you down. In the meantime, you can improve your marketing strategy and reach.

#20 Being Impatient

Affiliate marketing success takes time. So don’t give in to frustration by abandoning strategies that may have paid off with persistence.


Starting out affiliate marketing in Nigeria is difficult. But you improve your chances of success by avoiding the 20 mistakes outlined above. Share this article if you enjoy reading my content. 

I’d write to you again soon. Be safe.

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