12 Writing Tips from ChatGPT

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12 Writing Tips from ChatGPT

“Dear ChatGPT, How Can I Be a Better Writer?” This was my prompt to ChatGPT

Can writers learn from ChatGPT? Well, maybe. After all, many people fear that AI will replace writers. These are ChatGPT’s writing recommendations. 

Writing Tips from ChatGPT

12 Writing Tips by ChatGPT

1. Read widely: Unsurprisingly, the first tip is about reading. Many new writers are frustrated that they seem to lack the words. Well, the cure is to read widely. 

2. Write regularly: Don’t wait until you can write like your mentor or favorite author; that will just be another mistake. Writing improves with practice, so set time aside to write every day. 

3. Set clear goals: Why are you writing? Do you want to entertain, inform, or persuade your readers? Having a clear goal when writing will help you become effective. Unfortunately, your failures will become more glaring when you write with a clear purpose. 

4. Expand your vocabulary: Words have a precise meaning, and writers know this. Even everyday synonyms may have slightly different meanings. The aim of a large vocabulary is not to use fancy words. Instead, a broad vocabulary will help you convey accurate meaning. 

5. Edit and revise: Great writing is rewriting. A perfect first draft is nearly impossible, even if you’re writing a single sentence. So consider spending some time revising your work. 

6. Seek feedback: Do you have peers or mentors? Ask them about the areas where you can improve your writing, whether it’s writing better introductions, choosing the correct words, or formatting your content appropriately. Writers who respond poorly to feedback stagnate their growth. 

7. Read aloud: Reading aloud can help you spot awkward phrasings, errors, and pacing issues. ChatGPT recommends you read aloud to understand how the writing flows.

8. Study grammar and style: New writers soon find out they need to become more familiar with the parts of speech. Brushing up your understanding of basic grammar rules and the use of punctuation can improve your writing a lot. 

9. Write strong introductions: Well-written introductions can help to hook your readers in. So spend time crafting an engaging opening.

10. Learn from rejection: You didn’t get the job, or your editor rubbished your effort? Well, writers know rejection all too well. Hence, the best writers are quite resilient. Negative feedback isn’t the end of the world. 

11. Avoid procrastination: Writers can overcome procrastination by setting and sticking to deadlines. Professional writers respect deadlines without compromising on the content’s quality. 

12. Stay curious: Curiosity killed the cat, but curiosity will save your career. Allow this quality to fuel your creativity and inspire your writing. 


What do you think about ChatGPT’s writing tips? Maybe future versions of ChatGPT will replace writers, but in the meantime, there’s a lot we can learn from this AI language model. 

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There's love in sharing.

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